Your smartphone knows it's you, let it tell your internet of things.

Use your smartphone to unlock both your physical and digital worlds.

3 Levels of Security

SDA is a cross-domain authentication solution, capable of replacing all popular authentication mechanisms by providing various levels of security assurances.
Device Presence
Checks if your device is physically present
(e.g., a key)
User Intent
Ensures that you human acknowledge the action
(e.g., a second factor)
User Identification
Identifies the user of the device with a pin or biometric
(e.g., voice, fingerprint, password)


What if I lose my phone?

An administrator can revoke the lost phone and add a new or “spare” phone temporarily to the user’s account through our management portal.

What if my phone dies?

If your phone dies, always plug it into the computer that you are using to charge it and continue using it for two factor authentication (2FA). For doors, you can use a backup option (e.g., a smartcard) if your company has them configured, ask a friend, or find a charging station.

Does the app drain my phone battery?

In our tests we have seen no increase in battery usage, aside from having Bluetooth enabled.

Who is going to manage the platform?

Allthenticate will host all of the management software and your company can simply login to our web-based service to manage all of your resources and users.

How do I set it up?

Our door readers are completely backward compatible with existing infrastructure and only require power. (Internet access required to add or remove users). We can either ship the devices pre-configured with your WiFi network, or you can configure them upon arrival. All 2FA solutions require the installation of our software and a browser extension.

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.