Single Device Authentication

Employees only ever need to remember their smartphone and its credentials to unlock their physical and digital worlds. Our smartphone App can communicate with any product, over any interface.

Highly Customizable

Configure doors and computers to require different levels of security based on resource, time of day, or context. All of our products can provide the full spectrum of security requirements.

Simple Installation

Our smart door readers can be easily installed on any existing electromagnetic lock. Just plug them in, connect them to the internet, and you’re done!

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Get rid of your passwords, smartcards, and keys to keep yourself out of the "got hacked" headlines.

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Our Mission

Security doesn’t have to be hard. At Allthenticate, we want to break the mold of security products by providing users with more security and less burden. We believe in a world where employees can spend their time working and not dealing with security policies. Our product, Single Device Authentication (SDA), enables seamless authentication in both the physical and digital words, while unifying the management of these credentials into one easy-to-use interface.
Join us as we enter a new era of authentication, Allthentication.