Our Vision

We want to debunk the long held belief that security and usability are a necessary trade off by offering authentication solutions that are both more secure and more usable. All of our products are designed from the ground up with usability in mind, while simultaneously providing the highest security possible.

Security is in our DNA.

Our team has extensive experience both attacking (e.g., blackhat hacking, vulnerability assessments for the Department of Defense, and competing in the highest level hacking competitions on the planet) and defending critical systems (e.g., creating novel defenses for embedded systems, securing high-impact real-world products, and designing secure manufacturing pipelines).

These various experiences have convinced us that we can do better at securing our infrastructure, especially with respect to authentication. Thus, we are here to usher in a new ubiquitous smartphone-based authentication paradigm: Allthentication.

Our Story

Chad, our founder and graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at the time, became enthralled with the idea of using smartphones to replace passwords.

Chad was hired as a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he would later meet Samuel Kerr and Hongyi Hu. Over the next 4 years Chad, Sam, and Hongyi not only demonstrated the viability of Single Device Authentication, but built and demonstrated working prototypes. Indeed, they expanded the scope to not only replace passwords, but to replace all authentication mechanisms, both physical and digital. Commercial interest in the technology started to heat up and a patent application was filed.

Chad, Sam, and Hongyi all parted ways to pursue different career paths, temporarily pausing their passion project. However, the three remained in communication and frequently spoke of commercializing their technology. Chad (a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Santa Barbara at the time) continued to develop the technology and validate its commercial viability.

Our patent for Single Device Authentication was officially issued.

Chad, joined by three undergraduate students (Evan Blasband, Rita Mounir, and Jake Tear), won the UCSB New Venture Competition, a university-wide startup pitch competition, claiming both 1st place overall and peoples choice. With this victory under its belt and a patent, Allthenticate was ready to become a real company, and start creating the dream that Chad had a decade earlier: ubiquitous, usable authentication (Allthentication).

Meet Our Founders

Chad Spensky CEO

Chad is a computer security researcher, entrepreneur, and educator who is passionate about using technology to make people’s lives easier and their digital systems more secure. Chad has over 10 years of experience of research experience and is a lifetime hacker. Formerly, he was a member of the technical research staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and has since continued to help them solve of the some of the Department of Defense's toughest cyber-security problems. He will receive his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Spring 2020 (thesis title: Securing and Analyzing Embedded Systems). He possess a M.S. in computer security from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as a B.S. in mathematics, a B.S. in computer science, and a minor in economics from the University of Pittsburgh. As a hacker and capture the flag player himself, he is well aware of how attackers think and strongly believes that it takes a great offense to build a solid defense. He plans to use his experience and expertise to create a world that is more secure and more pleasant to interact with.

Rita Mounir COO

Rita graduated with a degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics (Data Science) from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Rita is currently supporting the international product team at Carpe Data, a Santa Barbara Tech Company, where she helps bringing the products to international markets. Her work includes a lot of Data analysis and manipulation, as well as localization, translation, R&D, sales support, and project management. After winning several TechStars startup Weekend Competitions, she became a TechStars Startup Weekend Organizer to give back to the Startup communities, both inside and outside of the US. Rita is an ambitious Entrepreneur and a Data enthusiast. She also helped founding "The Center of Academic Achievement", a Spanish-Moroccan startup where she promoted partnerships and sponsorships in 6+ countries. She likes interacting with people, and taking up new challenges, she has a passion for horse riding, and loves competing in horse Jumping shows all over the world. She speaks 6 languages and plans to learn a 7th language someday.

Evan Blasband CTO

Evan is an Electrical and Computer engineer with a passion for building systems at the intersection of hardware, software and design that change the way people live their lives. Evan has experience working in industry as well as a research environment designing novel systems. He was previously a Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin helping design infrared imaging systems for Defense applications and was also a researcher in the Computer Security group at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Evan received a B.S. degree in Electrical engineering in 2019 from UCSB and will receive his M.S. from UCSB in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Spring 2020. As a maker, he loves learning new technologies and exploring new innovations. Ultimately he plans to help Allthenticate develop more amazing technology to help users make all aspects of their life more secure and less burdensome.